Tenerife’s 2 wheel revolution is a capital idea

When you have all year round warm sunny weather like Tenerife and a capital city like Santa Cruz, blessed with such a range of attractions and good roads, cycling becomes a real pleasure. The addition of the tram system a year ago, has reduced the number of cars entering the city, so the time is ripe to get people cycling.

Parque Garcia Sanbria

Santa Cruz ayuntamiento (council) is introducing a new cycle hire scheme that costs just one euro per hour. The base for this new revolution is the Parque Garcia Sanabria, where they initially will have 16 single bikes and 4 tandems for people to hire 7 days a week. The scheme has been set up at a cost of 25,000 euros and will run for a year to see how popular it is. The people of Santa Cruz are about to find just how healthy cycling can be.

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