Santa Cruz tram keeps the cars at bay

TramAs the Santa Cruz tram system comes up to one year in operation, it’s congratulations all round, as it has won over many doubters and reduced the number of vehicles entering the capital city of Tenerife by 3 million.

Linking the bus station in Santa Cruz to La Laguna, the tram has carried 11 million passengers in 11 months and has proved to be a clean and efficient service at a very low cost to users. Recent figures show that 25 % of people coming into Santa Cruz, now use the tram. Work has just started on a second line from Tincer to La Cuesta, once in operation, it will mean that 65 % of people in Santa Cruz will be no more than 500 metres away from a tram stop.

Future plans would see four lines criss crossing the city and outlying areas. A recent addition to the service has seen Wi Fi access installed on all carriages, a useful bonus for students travelling to and from La Laguna University. Taxi drivers may not be quite as keen on the new kid in town, but as far as everyone else is concerned, the tram is just the ticket.

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