Roque de Vento, stands prouder still

There are many iconic mountains and rock formations in Tenerife, but in Arona, in the south, there are many clustered together. Although it is the tourism heart of the island, thousands pass the impressive formations every day, unaware of their historic importance.

Roque de Vento

Roque de Vento (top right) is one of the most distinctive peaks, if not the highest, and lies in an area of great archeological importance. That fact has now been recognised, the Gobierno, the government for all 7 Canary Islands has declared it a place of cultural interest and afforded it the protection it deserves.

The silica mound has been buffeted by the wind over the centuries and eroded into strange patterns that an experienced artist would be hard pushed to recreate. It’s no wonder that to the Guanches, the original aboriginal inhabitants of Tenerife, it was an importnant religious monument that played a big part in their traditions.


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