Green light for Arico green park

A new industrial estate in a rural area would normally set the alarm bells clanging but in Tenerife a new development could lead the way in the quest to recycle on a grand scale. A 22,000 metre estate in Arico, planned in 1998, has now been given the go ahead and should become home to 6 major recycling business’s within 2 years.


The 41.3 million euro project had 8 applicants, but that has been cut down to 6 worthy business’s that will tackle different substances. Renecan S.L will specialise in recycling up to 10,000 tons a year of old tyres, Ewaste Canarias S.L will re-use up 40,000 tons of electrical products annually, Enercocan will bring new life to around 30,000 tons of plastic, Biocardel S.L will adopt a similar policy to renew 12,000 tons of vegetable oil, Desgauces Tenerife S.A will take on up to 70,000 tons of steel a year and Urbaser S.A will re-use 30,000 tons of wood.

The estate will create 67 direct jobs initially, and the companies will have a low cost 25 year lease, that can then be reviewed to ensure that they are hitting their promised targets. It’s an exciting and ambitious project and will be watched closely with a view to expanding it to other sites, if successful.

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