Fiction Plane rock the green scene

Aguaviva festival of the seas is loud and proud, and music plays a big part in the celebrations. Several concerts were arranged in Tenerife and Gran Canaria this year but one of the most impressive was the performance of Fiction Plane at the Plaza del Conquistador on Saturday evening, just a short run and dive away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Fiction Plane

Lead singer of Fiction Plane, Joe Sumner (centre) , son of Gordon, better known as Sting, is no stranger to green issues, as he has a degree in Environmental Science from Richmond University, however it failed to fire his imagination and the lure of rock and roll took him down another path. Seton Daunt (left) , lead guitarist, was always drawn to bands “I was into groups like Nirvana and performed around Camden ” and drummer Pete Wilhoit (right) met the other 2 in New York in their early days of changing line ups, and they became the trio they are today. Pete had a wide music base “I studied jazz at Indiana University and was influenced by Stewart Copeland of The Police”. That proved to be very prophetic before meeting Joe and then last year supporting The Police on their U.S comeback tour.

Joe Sumner

So did the connections with The Police help Joe in the music business? “Not really, most people either didn’t help me as they assumed I knew everything about the business or they thought I was spoilt and had it all handed to me on a plate.” All that is history now as Fiction Plane have carved out their own career as a hard working live band, they did 200 concerts last year, and after a short break, they are off to North America supporting Snoop Dog.

The free concert in Tenerife must have been a strange experience after playing to packed houses at the Stade de France and Twickenham. The open air gig was bathed in hot sun, with Montaña Roque as a backdrop and palm trees swaying around them. There were a couple of thousand watching at the peak of the concert, but the opening band, Oscartienealas from Lanzarote, started with just a sprinkling as many were still on the beach or watching Spains Euro 2008 game. The summer of green music continues, and even as Fiction Plane were performing, leaflets were being handed out for the 2 day Eolica festival at the Granadilla wind park next month.



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