As green as houses in Tenerife

It’s taken 13 years but at last there is an end date in sight for the bioclimatic housing project at the I.T:E:R renewable energy centre on the Granadilla industrial estate. Back in 1995, plans were submitted to build 25 totally self sufficient houses as prototypes at the wind turbine dominated park, but administration delays meant that work didn’y begin on the houses until 2002. The good news is that by summer 2009, all 25 houses will be ready to be rented by families who want to see just how self sufficient living can be.

Bioclimatic house

The houses are partially dug into the ground, to absorb and contain ground heat and are fitted with solar panels and small wind turbines. The houses have been placed in the optimum position to enhoy the winds that blow in from the north east. Recycling will also be practised on the site and a desalination plant will turn sea water into clean drinkable water.

Architect Maria Delgado is very relieved to finally see the project reach fruition. If it is a success, it will be the blueprint for estates of bioclimatic houses across the Canary Islands.

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