Aguaviva, turning the tide for nature

Aguaviva tent

The waiting is over and the Aguaviva festival of the seas, is back, bigger and bolder than ever. The big music concerts will grab all the headlines, but there are a lot of other events going on all through June to educate, and promote awareness of the problems facing the sea, particularly, the Atlantic that laps around the shores of the Canary Islands.

One change this year is the re-location of the information stands from various environmental groups, from the Los Cristianos church plaza, down to Las Vistas beach in a big hanger type tent. As well as being more appropriate to be in sight of the ocean, the large hanger attracts the curious, who will then hopefully learn more about the message behind Aguaviva.

Just to help those who don’t make it down to the stands, here are some of the groups involved, and contact points for more information.

Fundacion Neotropico is a project to help save sea turtles, and returned those that have been treated for illness and damage, to the ocean. Many become entangled in nets and rubbish or covered in oil, and need help to recover. Several turtles will be released into the sea during Aguaviva at public gatherings.

Seo Birdlife is a La Laguna based group dedicated to protecting all birds, especially rare species in Spain. You will find lots of information on their website to help you identify the many varied species that live or pass through the Canary islands.

Ben Magec is a Canarian environmental pressure group, that campaigns and raises awareness of issues facing these islands. Always willing to speak out, they have done great service to many causes across the islands.

World Wildlife is one of the biggest world wide organisations, with years of dedication to their name. They are keen to highlight the plight of species on the brink of extinction and have the credibility to make sure that people listen.

Aguaviva cubesAs well as the stands inside the hanger, there is a giant screen outside showing footage of the oceans and some of the problems they face. The white metal blocks may make you scratch your head, but they are made of the metal objects found along the local beaches in a series of clean ups over the last few weeks. They have been crushed down and painted white for artistic effect, but if you look closely, you can make out parts of cars, ovens, fridges etc, people seem all too willing to just dump anything anywhere.

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