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ASEMTEIDE Declares War On Plastic Bags In Santiago Del Teide

It takes a united approach to make a big change and in Santiago del Teide on the west coast of Tenerife local business association ASEMTEIDE are taking a lead by issuing 3,000 reuseable eco bags to their members for customer use. ASEMTEIDE – Associacion Empressarios y Comerciantes de Santiago del Teide was formed in 2005 and has over 80 active business’s signed up.

The new bags have a life of two years and can make a big difference to peoples shopping habbits, it’s estimated that the average person gets through 600 plastic bags during their lifetime. The new scheme is part of a strategy from the Department of Commerce within the Canary Island government, they can see the big savings this can bring. A spokesperson said “over the next two years this will avoid the use of 990,502,800 million plastic bags, enough oil to drive a car 41,500,400 miles,”

Most councils in the Canary Islands have now embraced the green message and are looking at ways to preserve resources and to protect the local environment.