Media Partners

Due to their unique position, the Canary Islands are not only vulnerable to subtle changes in the eco systems of the World, they can also make an impact with change here around the 7 islands, that can be seen to have an immediate and relevant effect on everyone who lives or visits here.

For that reason, the Canary Islands media holds a position of great responsibility to see that the green message is spread throughout the islands to encourage even more involvement in making change. Local media outlets are in business like many others on these islands and our message to them is, it makes good economic sense to adopt green policies and encourage others to as well.

Green issues are the hot topic of the day and by becoming involved in a positive way, media outlets will put themselves directly in touch with just the people they are trying to reach. Now is the time for us all to pull together and show that caring for out environment is not just a minority issue but something that everyone wants to know about.

Canary Green is committed to promoting and supporting green issues and policies in all 7 Canary Islands, this is your chance to join a winning cause and make a strong link with your listeners and readers. If you want to know more about being a media partner of Canary Green, contact