What is a Biosphere Hotel? try Sands Beach Resort

Lanzarote was declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 1993 by UNESCO, in recognition of it’s commitment to preserving nature and encouraging eco friendly and sensitive development of Lanzarote. Sands Beach Resort hotel in Costa Teguise was quick to offer to become a sponsor of this website as it echoes their own dedication to developing responsible tourism. They are very proud to be holders of a Biosphere Hotel certificate from the Institute of Responsible Tourism, but what does this mean to you as a holiday maker, when you go to stay there with your family.

Costa Teguise

Sands Beach Resort has embraced a raft of measures including using recycled water for the gardens, using recycled paper, choosing biodegradable cleaning products and eliminating the wasteful use of electricity. In their brochures Sands Beach Resort make a point of asking their customers to do their part by not putting unused linen and towels out for the collections, being economical with water use in showers and cleaning and taking an interest in the natural attractions of Lanzarote and respecting them.

These may sound like small measures on a global scale, but they can soon make a difference, and on an island like Lanzarote, it’s easier for visitors to feel more attuned to nature as they experience the wonderful sights that have taken thousands or even millions of years to evolve. Lanzarote is respected as a fine example of developing tourism with the needs of nature in mind, holiday makers will soon appreciate the lack of high rise developments and the uniform colours used for painting houses and public buildings. As well as making a contribution when on holiday, the initial choice of holiday venue and hotel helps to reward those who are making an effort.

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