Sands Beach Resort hotel, glad to be green

Family holidays are the lifeblood of Sands Beach Resort hotel in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, and they know how important the health of our planet is for families, looking to their children’s future. Being based on the beachfront gives Sands Beach Resort a regular reminder of the beauty and fragility of nature. These are powerful reasons why Sands Beach Resort is committed to green policies, and were keen to join us as a sponsor of Canary Green.

Developing responsible tourism has already made Sands Beach Resort the proud owners of a Biosphere Hotel certificate from the Institute of Responsible Tourism, for their thoughtful policies towards holiday makers. These include, using recycled water for the gardens, choosing biodegradable cleaning products, using recycled paper and eliminating the wasteful use of electricity. In their brochures, Sands Beach Resort make a point of asking their guests to do their part by not putting unused linen and towels out for maids collection, being economical with water use in showers and cleaning, and taking an interest in the natural attractions of Lanzarote, and respecting them.

Lanzarote has been through a lot and it’s landscape was transformed by the six year eruption of 1730, that left it covered in volcanic lava. Since then the island has been allowed to grow steadily, but within certain limits of height and colour of buildings. Sands Beach Resort is proud of its place in the close knit community that is Costa Teguise, and wants to do all it can to promote green policies, and to reach out to the island, by setting a strong example of how to run a successful and profitable business, without compromising on its values.

Sands Beach Hotel in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

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