La Palma sees the light


Back in 1994, La Palma led the way when the Canary Islands were introducing the law of the sky, that limits light polution. That’s why astronomers chose the island for the observatory at Roque de Los Munchachos, 2,400 metres above sea level.

Things are about to become even clearer with a investment of just over one million euros to update lighting across the island and reduce sky polution by a further 35 per cent. The money is coming jointly from the La Palma Cabildo (government) and the Spanish ministry of education and science, and 2,976 street lights will be replaced with softer lighting in the process.

The law of the sky affects all of the Canary Islamds, but La Palma takes particular pride in the way it has implemented the law and educated people to respect it. There are 14 large telescopes at the La Palma observatory, including Galileo (pic) the Italian national telescope.

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