La Palma on track for sustainable power

The smaller Canary Islands really are leading the way when it comes to embracing alternative forms of energy. La Palma is committed to becoming self sustainable by 2015 and has a range of projects under way, working towards that objective.

La Palma - Los Tilos

There are 2 hydroelectric projects in Los Sauces and barlovento, both making good use of natural valleys to force water through generating stations. Solar power is one of the big boom areas, well the sun is reliable and plentiful in La Palma. Projects are gearing up at Tijarfe, Puntagorda, Fuencaliente, and Valle de Aridane.

Wind power will also be utilised with installations at key points such as Mazo, Fuencaliente and Garaffa. It’s true that La Palma, like its ambitious neighbour, El Hierro is a small canvas to work on, but the main factor in its favour is a political will to adopt these new power sources and to make them work for the good of the island.

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