Solar power boosts the Vatican

These days even the Pope is turning green, and the installation of 2,700 solar panels at the Vatican is a signal that the environmental decline of our planet is causing concern at the highest levels. Pope Benedict XV1 made it known soon after taking office in 2005, that he saw the environment as an important area of concern to his mission. The Pope has said that environmental damage is “making the lives of poor people on earth especially unbearable”.

Solar Vatican

The solar revolution is only on a relatively small scale, the panels will replace old cement panels on the roof of the Paul V1 auditorium, a bad weather alternative venue for the Pope’s audience with pilgrims. The hall holds 6,000 people, the new solar panels will create enough light,heat or cooling for the entire hall and may produce some extra power that will be fed into the Vatican power grid.

The solar panels have been donated to the Vatican by a Bonn based company Solar World and have a value of around 1.5 million US dollars.Â

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