All the fun of saving the planet

There seems to be a feeling among some people that green policies are very negative and all about what we can’t do. With apologies to an old television advert – good old environmental awareness, it’s not just there for the bad things in life! That has just been proved at a fun fair in Santa Monica in California.

Santa Monica old and new

Pride of place at the harbour side park has long been the huge Pacific ferris wheel, but it has now been replaced with a 1.5 million dollar (965,765 euros) solar powered wheel. The fair went dark for 2 weeks in May as the old wheel was taken down, and even that was recycled, sold on EBay for 85,000 dollars.

The new wheel, the first solar powered ferris wheel in the world, is now in action and looks even more stunning with its 160,000 neon bulbs, and the whole thing is 75 per cent more efficient than the old version.


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