Tenerife Cabildo takes lead in coast clean

Thanks to some 470 volunteers and a strong lead from the Tenerife government, 800 kilos of rubbish was removed from beaches around the island during this summer.

This is the third year of the “La Mar de Limpia” initiative, prompted by the Office of Participation and Voluntary Environmental Work. The teams picked the busiest tourism summer months, when discarded rubbish can be a big problem. The scheme helped to mobilise local groups and to show visitors the damage they can cause.

The main beaches targeted were La Ballenita and Las Arenas in Buenavista del Norte, Puertito de Guimar,San Telmo on Puerto de la Cruz, and Playa de la Arena in Santiago del Teide . The rubbish came in many forms, from paper to heavier iron and metal objects, local diving teams helped to ensure that the sea bed got a  good spring clean too. Hopefully those who witnessed the clean up will be more careful in their daily activities, now they have seen the effect it can have.

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