Tenerife and Japan to harness the rising sun

One of the biggest and most ambitious solar power projects in the World was unveiled yesterday at ITER (Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy) in Granadilla, South Tenerife. The Canary Islands government and cutting edge Japanese technology company, The Sumitomo Corporation, will work together with a 111 million euro budget to push forward the boundaries of green energy.


The Canary Islands energy plat, PECAN, is committed to producing 30 per cent of all energy for the 7 islands through renewable sources by 2015. A key part of the new project a solar panel factory on the 400,000 square metre ITER site, will produce and test the latest and most efficient range of panels, that process will begin within weeks, and will create 300 new jobs.

The ITER site is already the home to wind power, and bioclimatic housing projects, but the new investment will move them to a higher level and make Tenerife a big player in the solar energy field.

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