See the woods and the trees under one roof

El Monte CanarioThink of the Canary islands, and you think of the sea, long golden beaches and harsh volcanic landscapes, but there is a much greener and lusher side to all the 7 islands. The woodlands are inland and at higher levels, but well worth seeking out for the diverse natural wonders they can offer.

For a taste of what you can expect to find, pop along to the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, they have an exhibition called El Monte Canario (the Canarian Woodland) which runs until September 2. This is a big undertaking, sponsored by the Social Work Foundation of La Caixa bank, the exhibits are large and interactive. From display cases of eco systems, to chunks of tree stump, there is plenty to see and feel, some of the video displays encourage interaction to select certain changing scenes from different times of the year.

Everything is dealt with from the insects that thrive in the woodlands, to the fungal infections and fires that ravage the landscape from time to time. As you walk around, you will hear birdsong and see some of the traditional crafts made from the trees and shrubs in the woodlands.

The exhibition is FREE and open from 8am to 10pm from Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays, closed Sundays.

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