Adios Aguaviva, now it’s up to us.

It’s been another great festival of the seas, but Aguaviva came to a close today with the releasing of turtles, recently recovered from injury, into the sea at Los Cristianos. Many will remember the event for the high profile music concerts, but it was appropriate to finish up on the beach at the waters edge with a solution to one of the many problems we cause to animals in the sea.


TurtleFundacion Neotropico does a great job, rescuing turtles that have been injured by pollution and discarded waste from fishing nets to plastic carrier bags. Thanks to their care and dedication, these wonderful creatures are in many cases, soon fit enough to return to the sea again. Today four Loggerhead turtles were given back their freedom, three of them had lost a fin due to entanglement with debris in the ocean. Neotropico keep careful records of the creatures they help, identifying them by the scales on their faces, these are as unique as a fingerprint. Using this method, they have noticed that many wounded turtles that they release, recover well, even with a missing fin and adapt to swim again.

The four turtles released today were between 3 and 5 years old, which makes them very young, they can live to as old as 100 years or more, and their average weight is 100 kg with a shell of around 122 cms long. They eat fish, crabs, mussels, seaweed and jellyfish as part of their diet. Making good use of the sea currents, they can appear in most oceans of the World but there is no evidence that they breed in the Canary islands.


As well as education, Aguaviva has been about entertainment, and they kept up that spirit right through to the final day, with free diving lessons from Las Vistas beach and the ever popular salsa dance sessions by the fisher sellers statue near the old Los Cristianos beach. Just because Aguaviva has finished, it doesn’t have to be an end to involvement in local environmental projects, there are contact details on this site for several organisations and your nearest cultural centre will have plenty of posters and details of forthcoming events. Living on an island, should really bring home the dangers facing the oceans and the challenges that still lay ahead.

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