World eyes on Lanzarote whale

Whales are under attack around the world and despite crackdowns on killing them for commercial use, their numbers have been vastly depleted. Good news is always welcome, this week rare film footage was captured of Gervais’ beaked whale in the ocean just off Lanzarote.

Gervais' beaked whale

The Canary Islands are one of the home areas for the rare species, the deep trenches between the islands suits the creatures liking for depths of up to 1,500 feet. They are rarely spotted breaking the surface but the Ibero yacht, on a protection and preservation voyage, came across 3 males just 18 miles off Puerto Valero.

Gervais’ beaked whale is dark grey with a light underside and a white tip on the small head helps to make it stand out. The whales grow to 4.5 metres long for the make and 5.2 metres long for the female. The Canary Islands are a great place for whale and dolphin watching as a third of all the worlds species either live in, or pas through the island waters.Â

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