Tenerife Councils Pile Up The Compost Heap

Sometimes good intentions are thwarted by a lack of practical method, in Guia de Isora, Tenerife, a local farm is making a great success of producing bio compost. Lomo del Balo farm has made a name for making high quality bio compost, and now local councils are making tracks there to dispose of their bio degradable waste.

No chemicals are allowed in the mix at the farm but the councils of Santiago del Teide, Guia de Isora and Adeje are sending their rubbish from their parks and gardens to be added to the brew. The compost also includes stale beer and is left to stew for 3 months before it is ready to sell for farming and gardening purposes. The scheme is a winner all round and has solved a big waste disposal problem for many in the more remote areas of the island.

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