Tenerife coastal clean sweep


It’s been a good year for the coast of Tenerife, the second annual campaign “La Mar De Limpia” promoted by the government, has cleared an amazing 1,200 kilos of rubbish from 6 zones. It is always an ongoing struggle to keep the shores clean but every effort really does make a difference and the involvement of 100’s of volunteers will help to spread the message about the need to protect the local environment.

The campaign started in July at Abades in Arico, and moved on to Playa Jardin, Puerto de la Cruz , Playa de la Ballenita, Buenavista del Norte, Los Gigantes marina, El Medano and El Puertito de Guimar (pic).

Other similar projects have taken place in the main tourist areas, backed by local councils, many becoming regular additions to the calendar. Long may they continue, but hopefully education will start to reduce the problem of discarded rubbish before it arises.Â

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