Sending a clear green message with glass

There is certainly no shortage of people emptying bottles in The Canary Islands, bottled beers are favoured over draught by the locals, and wine production and consumption are both high across the islands. Thankfully an enterprising company in Gran Canaria, are leading the way in recycling bottles and producing new, more environmentally friendly replacements.

Bottle bank

Vidrieras Canarias on the Sainetas Industrial Estate in Telde, have recycled 30,000 tons of glass so far this year, already an increase on the 27,000 tons they dealt with last year. In total, the 7 Canary Islands use around 60,000 tons of glass a year, so the company are making good inroads into the clinking mountain of glass.

Using state of the art technology, Vidrieras are able to seperate bottles by colour into clear, green and frosted, this makes the whole process much quicker and more efficient. The glass is blasted clean with a 1,500 degree wash and then reformed to make new bottles. Thanks to careful use of ingredients, the factory is working towards making all new bottles 90 % recycleable, in theory the bottles can be used and re-used with no limit, saving vast amounts of energy and avoiding more pollution.

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