Puerto de la Cruz is a glass act

Recycling is gaining in popularity in Tenerife, with more and more councils signing up to such a worthy cause. Leading the way in the north is Puerto de la Cruz with 25 kilos of glass recycled for each inhabitant last year, that’s double the average for the Canary Islands.

It’s true that a lot of the glass comes from the large amount of bars and restaurants in this popular tourist town, around 48 per cent of the total, but it still reflects a strong commitment to the green policies adopted by the council. The grand total of glass given anew life last year was 802,740 kgs, up 41,000 kgs on the previous year.

Puerto de la Cruz has a very high profile with 166 glass collection points scattered around the municipality. It’s certainly proving to be a good economic and environmental measure from the council and is setting a good example to the rest of Tenerife.


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