Canary Islands CO2 gases rocket by 95 % in 17 years

Last year 8 tons of CO2 gases were spewed into the air for every person in the Canary Islands. That is just one of the shock figures that have made the islands 3rd in the list of Spanish emission black spots, according to a report announced in Madrid yesterday.


The damming report for the CCOO union and World Watch magazine, shows an increase of 95 % in CO2 gases between 1990 and 2007. Last year a total of 16 million tons of CO2 contaminated the skies above the 7 islands. The biggest offenders were electricity and power suppliers but transport also weighed in with 45 % of the shameful total.

Leading the way was the Unelco electricity station in the Barranco de Tijarana, Gran Canaria with 1, 518, 051 tons of CO2. The Cepsa refinery in Tenerife accounted for 650,000 tons. The figures are still steadily rising but the Canarian government is hoping that new policies brought in in recent years, will start to chip away at the unwanted lofty position in the CO2 league.

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