Beached Sperm Whales found dead in Tenerife

Sperm Whale

There was a double shock along the east coast of Tenerife when 2 dead Sperm Whales (like the one pictured, from another incident) were found on the same day just a few miles apart. The discoveries happened at El Tablado in Guimar and Las Maretas in Arico.

The Guimar whale was  7 metres long and weighed 7,000 kilos while the Arico whale was slightly bigger at 11 metres long and weighing 15 tons. The bodies were taken away for examination to discover the cause of their deaths. Their are many dangers facing whales around the Canary Islands, such as pollution, shipping and sometimes sonar from military vessels. Tenerife environmental groups will be watching with great interest as they continue to try to protect these magnificent creatures.

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