All good clean, green, fun in Alcala beach blitz

It takes a lot of dedication to give up your Saturday morning to go clambering over rocky outcrops and delving among dirty, damp shorelines, to remove other peoples discarded rubbish. But in Alcala, on the west coast of Tenerife, the local Guia de Isora council, found 50 dedicated volunteers to scoop up 1,000 kilos of assorted rubbish from a large stretch of coastal walks.

Alcala clean up

This was the second year that the initiative has taken place, backed by councillors for youth, sport, social services and community participation. There was a good mix of volunteers of all ages and both sexes, the Punta Blanca Surf Club, as always, was keen to help the local environment, as they get to see the conditions of the coast up close on a regular basis.

The volunteers started at 9.30 and split up to tackle different sections of beach and rough land. The purpose of the clean up is two fold, to improve the local area, and to spread the message of green awareness. Seeing the harm that careless dumping can cause, is a good way to educate people to think before they just throw their rubbish where other people like to play. As well as the usual paper and wrapping materials, the teams found glass, old car seats, plastic, metal, wood and even car batteries.

Alcala clean up

There were some more unusual finds. Someone had abandoned a case of 24 full, half litre bottles of white wine, these were of course carefully disposed of. They were not the only signs of party people in the area, beer cans and bottles were found in the old unused fish packing factory in Alcala. After all the hard work, there was time to relax and replace the spent energy with a giant paella.


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