A load of rubbish, sorted in Adeje, Tenerife

It has taken a while but councils in Tenerife are waking up to the advantages and benefits of recycling, and they certainly have enough discarded rubbish to work with. Adeje council are one of the most progressive, and yesterday they inaugurated a new rubbish sorting depot to tackle the 120 tons produced daily in their area.


The new plant in the industrial zone near Barranco de los Torres is run by Ascan-Torrabonaf, who have considerable experience in mainland Spain. Since 2006 council cleaning services have dealt with 125,000 tons of rubbish, and as new residential areas open in Adeje, that total is rising. The new plant covers 10,000 square metres and has 2 large compacters to crush rubbish to a manageable size after it has been graded.

There are 250 points around Adeje, where rubbish can be put in different bins for paper and card, cans and glass. General rubbish is sifted through and added to the appropriate piles before it is passed on to El Rosario, Tenerife in the case of paper and card, the PIRS centre, Abona, Tenerife for cans, and Aguimes in Gran Canaria for glass. Gas oil can also be collected for treatment at the new depot as part of a free service. Ascan-Torrabonaf has 50 rubbish collection vehicles and employs 135 staff.


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