The 7 Canary Islands sum up all our thoughts about holiday islands, relaxing, laid back and welcoming, but a delicate balancing act is going on. The very qualities that attract so many visitors, are also in danger of being over exploited and destroyed by too much development. But there are plenty of forward looking businesses and organisations on these islands and hopefully, as they tackle the big enviromental issues facing them, maybe the Canary Islands can even take a lead in green issues.

Of necessity, these islands have constantly had to develop new ways of working with nature, from water management and delivery to ensuring that fishing stocks are rationed to support the traditional industries of the islands. Lots of exciting work is going on with Biosphere Reserves, Wind Parks, Animal Preservation Projects and much more.

Nature can be very fragile, this is something that the Canary Islands have learned from past experience with volcanic eruptions, something that can happen at any time on any of the islands. Many old traditions and ways of life are under threat, but with encouragement and strong government policies there is still time to protect the past and learn for the future.

This site will bring you the latest trends and updates on what steps are being made to put the Canary Islands at the forefront of green planning. Your comments are welcome and if there is anything you need to know more about, we will try to shine a light on it.

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